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Broken Screen?

That's also our specialty!

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iPhone water damage

iPhone water damage? .. We fix it.. They say rice can fix that.. Does not work all the time.. You have to manually dry every part inside and use special tools other wise there will be corrosion and that will lead to damage the phone later ..Bring it over and we can do that.. We fix any phone.. Here is another deal for you. If we dont fix it you dont have to pay.. And no money upfront..    

We charge $49 flat lobar for any cellphone fix as long you bring the part which need to be replaced.

Do u have an iphone 4, 4s, 3g or 3gs broken screen?? We fix it on the spot.. We have all parts on site ... If you want to fix it yourself you can buy part from us. Soon we will publish videos so it will help you fixing your own phone so you will save some money.
$65 on site fixing. We will take $10 off if you refer one customer to one of our branches.

We are a unique repair place where we return and put all the parts and screws back in place.. That's why it takes around 45 minutes for each phone.. others skip a lot of the process to gain time .... 

Here are some repair prices for the following devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy s3   $260
  • Samsung Infuse   $160
  • Huawei ascend M860   $60
  • Huawei Mercury M866   $76
  • ZTE Score X500   $64
  • HTC HD2 T8585   $70
  • HTC Thunderbolt   $80
  • HTC Vivid  $80
  • HTC 7 Trophy  $50
  • HTC Evo  $50
  • HTC Evo 3D  $50
  • HTC Evo 4 Shift  $66
  • HTC Freestyle  $55
  • LG G2X 4G  $75
  • iphone 4 or 4s   $65
  • iphone 5  $90
  • iphone 5s 5c  $90
  • ipad 2 screen   $80
  • ipad 3 screen   $100
  • ipad 4 screen  $110
  • 4th gen ipod   $65
  • 5th gen ipod  $125
  • And many more..

​for Mac services, please call us for special prices.